It started with a simple idea & our mission remains the same: Create high-quality, well-designed & sustainable baby goods that we would want to buy ourselves.

We truly believe in carefully crafted comfort and affordable luxury that is fair, sustainable and creates meaningful change in the world. We simply wanted to create the softest, most luxurious swaddles for every baby's best sleep with premium quality from 100% certified organic cotton. Crafted for babies, designed for parents.

Premium organic products crafted for babies

Only the best and softest quality is good enough for your baby. That’s what we set our minds to. Hence we created these premium multi-functional organic and eco-certified 100% cotton baby blankets, cloths and bags that will make your parenting day and night so much easier. It’s simple. For that we don’t need any animal products, such as wool or silk, or animal testing as we love animals as much as we love our little ones.

Minimalistic designs for parents

Yes, life changes with your baby, that’s ok. But your style doesn’t have to. Our premium cotton blankets, cloths and bags are perfect for your great taste, style and minimalistic interior design.

Protected sleep for your baby

Besides all the endless day time functionalities of our products, you can also simply use our blankets to swaddle up your baby for the coziest good night sleep. Our carefully selected organic cotton fabric will gift your little one with the softest sleep experience with maximum protection for them and peace of mind for you.

More time for the things you love

Like spending and really appreciating time with your baby, just with yourself, or with people you love. Go and play outside or cuttle all up inside. Your baby is perfectly covered and protected by the softest organic blanket.

Giving back - one for one

We honestly can’t count all our blessings. Which is why we created this company to spread love and comfort and to give back and support those less fortunate in need. Nearly one in five infants misses out on the basic vaccines they need to stay alive and healthy. Over 1.5 million children die annually from diseases that can be prevented by vaccination. We want to help close this gap. For every product you purchase from us you help save a baby's life as we donate one life-saving vaccine on your behalf in collaboration with UNICEF.

Our culture is community

We honestly believe our Skaldo & Malin community is able to move mountains. Because every day each one of us gives our individual best. Together we can make a difference.

Join our Skaldo & Malin community, celebrate life with carefully crafted comfort and help give back to those less fortunate.