The 10 Best Ways to Use our Swaddle Blankets

Did you know you can use a swaddle blanket for so much more than just swaddling? 

If we were to choose one must-have baby item for every newborn and baby nursery we would surely choose our organic Skaldo & Malin swaddle blankets. They are loved by so many parents and babies all around. And we know you will love them too! Why? Because they are going to become one of your favorite helpers as a parent.

Here are 10 ways of how our swaddle blankets will make your parenting life so much easier. 

Swaddle Blanket

That was unexpected. Yes, your Skaldo & Malin swaddle blankets offer your baby and yourself an extra round of sound sleep (beyond bedtime). The extra soft organic cotton fabric is light and breathable but strong enough to hold your baby through the night. Click here to read our simple 4 step guide on how to swaddle your little one.

Cuddle Blanket

Babies love to be entertained and cuddle up with fluffy fabrics. Your Skaldo & Malin swaddle blankets are perfect to offer your baby comfort and cuddling at home or on the go.

Light Summer Blanket

We all love those summer nights when it stays warm and everything happens outside. During those nights your little one will greatly appreciate our light and breathable organic cotton swaddle blankets for a restful night of sleep.

Burp Cloth

As a parent you don’t want to change your outfit ten times a day or smell of milk. Our Skaldo & Malin swaddle blankets serve as the perfect burp cloth which you can just throw over your shoulder, and we’ve got you covered.

Nursing Cover

Being outside and discovering the world with your baby is just one of the exciting parts of parenthood. With our swaddle blankets you have the size and space to cover yourself and your baby from the world around you for a calming nursing experience - plus our premium and minimalistic blanket designs will make you look really fashionable while doing so.

Stroller & Car Seat Cover

Sunny days outside are perfect for a walk or some outside activity. Your baby can enjoy a nap while our swaddle blanket protects your baby from the sun and too much light. For your little one’s safety, please do not cover the stroller and car seat completely in order for air and temperature to circulate.

Changing Mat

You are in your favorite café and your baby needs a diaper change? No worries, just use your Skaldo & Malin swaddle blanket as a changing mat and your baby is all comfy and ready for a quick change. 

Play Mat

You are hosting a play date? We got you! With our Skaldo and Malin swaddle blankets you can build a huge play mat area for our little souls - and all of that with the softest organic materials and the cutest designs. Expect all the other parents and babies to love you for it.

Cold Pack Cover

As a parent there are times when everything seems to go wrong. Your little boy fell during his soccer practice, you burned yourself while removing the baking pan from the oven and your toddler kissed the dining table with her forehead. We really feel you. Don’t be too hard on yourself, we all have those days. If your doctor advises you to cool the inflamed area with a cold pack, our swaddle blankets come in handy as your cold pack cover - which you can layer as desired.


You are on the go and you are all of a sudden running out of diapers for your tiny bundle of love? Did you know that cotton swaddle blankets have been used as diapers for centuries? They are a great sustainable alternative to disposable diapers. You can wash and reused them endless times.

We could of course continue to name even more ways of how you can use our versatile swaddle blankets. Now what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite swaddle blanket designs and let them become your best friend and helper when you need them. We cannot wait for you and your little one to be comforted by them.