How to Swaddle Your Baby to Sleep in 4 Easy Steps

For centuries swaddling has been a popular technique and a true lifesaver for many parents to help their babies find comfort, rest and sleep.

As a new mom or dad learning how to swaddle can seem like a daunting challenge. But don’t worry, we promise you will master it in no time so that you can experience all the amazing benefits from it.

Swaddling is as easy as following 4 simple steps and our Skaldo & Malin swaddle blankets are a perfect choice for that to gift your little one, and yourself, an extra round of sleep. The extra soft organic cotton fabric is light and breathable but strong enough to hold your baby through the night if you follow these 4 easy steps.

Let’s get started... 

Step 1

Lay your Skaldo & Malin swaddle blanket on a firm surface such as your mattress or changing table. Take one corner of your swaddle blanket and fold it in the shape of an upside-down triangle. Place your baby on your swaddle blanket with your baby’s shoulders on the edge of the folded down part. 

Step 2

Gently hold your baby’s hands down to the sides of your baby’s body as you take the left side of the fabric and pull tightly across his/her body and cover one arm. Slightly lift up the right side of your baby's body and tuck the right side folded fabric under your baby’s body. Pull firmly on the untucked fabric for a tight fit. 

Step 3

Take the bottom of the fabric and tuck it into the top by the baby’s chest.

Step 4

Take the fabric on the right side and stretch it tightly across the left side. Tuck the end of the fabric into the swaddle. 

You made it! You now have the cutest Skaldo & Malin “baby burrito”.