7 Reasons Why Parents Love Our Versatile Bib Cloths

They are the perfect eco-friendly, soft, absorbent, reusable and versatile parenting product you are going to use daily!

Here are just seven examples of how they come in handy.

Bib Cloth

Your Skaldo & Malin cloths transform into bips in no time. Fold the cloth in half in a triangle shape and tie it loosely around your baby’s neck. Ready you are!

Wiping Cloth

Dripple the cloth with water and ready you are at home or on the go, from pre-, during, or post-meal wipes, diaper wipes, cleaning your house wipes, you name it. 

Burp Cloth

Your Skaldo & Malin cloth has the perfect size to just quickly grab it and through it over your shoulder as a burp cloth. We’ve got you covered.

Napkin & Tissue

Either wet or dry, your Skaldo & Malin cloth will always be ready by your side to help your little angel in the form of a napkin and tissue.

Cuddle Toy

Lay your cloth flat. Pick it up in the middle and form a tube. Make a knot and ready is your cuddle toy. The 100% organic cotton fabric is super soft and perfect for a round of cuddles with your little one. Open the knot for washing and reuse it.

Head Sun Shield

You are on the go and your baby needs a headcover to be protected from the sun? Just fold the cloth in half in a triangle shape, lay it over your baby’s upper head (please do not cover the face) and tie both ends loosely on the back of your baby’s head.

Head Band

Your baby’s hair needs to be tamed? Just lay your Skaldo & Malin cloth flat and fold it in half in a triangle shape. Roll it up to a band and tie it around your baby’s upper head loosely (please do not cover the face). 

There are of course many more ways of how you can use our versatile organic cotton big cloths. Now it’s your turn. Pick your favorite bib cloth designs and let them become your best friend and helper when you need them.